How do I import information from Other Accounting Software that is capable of interfacing with Prosystem fx Tax into a tax return using the G/L Bridge import option?

G/L Bridge import option described below can be used for following programs:

  • CaseWare.
  • Go System Audit and Fund.
  • CSA Trial Balance.
  • CPA Client Writeup.
  • Any other generic processing program that can create a Comp file.  

In order to import data, use the following steps:

  1. Create a COMPFILE from the source program listed above. 
  2. Open Tax Preparation. If you are already in Tax Preparation, and a return is open, you must close the return before you can continue.
  3. Select File > Import > G/L Bridge.
  4. Select the accounting system used to generate your client’s tax interface file from the drop-down list.
  5. Select Import File to select an interface file. Select the drive, directory, and the extension of the file you wish to use as an interface file.
  6. Highlight the import file, and click OK.
  7. The import file information displays in the top box of the G/L Bridge dialog. Now that you have the import file selected, you can select a new return, an existing return, or a Pro Forma to process through G/L Bridge.

Note: The category Other (Generic Processing) should be used for any system not listed in this chart that is still capable of interfacing with CCH ProSystem fx Tax.


Tax Products Processed:

Available tax products are:

  • C – Corporation
  • P – Partnership
  • S – S Corporation
  • X – Exempt Organization
  • I – Individual

The presence of these codes signifies that the tax products are processed for the accounting system.

  • CaseWare (CPSX).
  • Go System Audit and Fund (X).
  • CSA Trial Balance (CPSXI).
  • CPA Client Writeup (CPSXI).
  • Any other generic processing program that can create a Comp file (CPSXI).
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