How do I amend a 1040 return using worksheet view?

The following video shows how to amend a 1040 return (to generate a 1040X).

  1. Create a second version of the return.
  • Note: After creating a second version of the return, we recommend amending version 1. If version 1 is always your active return, it will be easier to know which return version to roll forward to the next year.
  1. Mark the return to be an amended return.
    1. Go to the Other > 1040X - Amended Return worksheet.
      • Select Section 1 - Options.
        • In Line 1 - Transfer original information, select the check box.
        • In Line 2 - Force preparation of lines 1 through 23, select the check box.
      • Select Section 2 - General.
        • In lines 1-9, select the options that apply.
      • Select Section 3 - Original Return Information and Overrides, and enter any applicable amounts.
        • The overrides in this section, automatically override the amounts that transfer from the original return.
      • Select Section 4 - Explanation of Changes to Income, Deductions and Credits.
        • Enter the reason that the Federal return is being amended.
    2. If amending state returns, go to the state worksheet for the state that you want to amend.
      • Example: Go to the California worksheets.
    3. Then go to the [State] > Other worksheet.
      • Select the section titled Amended.
        • In Line 1 - Transfer original information, select the check box.
  2. Make all applicable changes on the federal or state input forms.
    • Note: At least one change must be made before calculating the return. Adding additional changes and calculating again is acceptable.
  3. Calculate the return.

Additional Information

  • Per IRS instructions, a filer is required to attach the corrected 1040 to the 1040X. See page 2 of Federal Form 1040X instructions.
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