Error: "Invoice Final Print Date is after the fiscal year end" when trying to post invoices in ProSystem fx Practice Management?

Run Year End Procedures prior to posting in the new year. 

Or if you are not ready to run Year End procedures yet you can temporarily change the security setting Force Post Date Of Invoice To Equal Final Print Date to 'NO' until Year End Procedures are ran for current year.

This setting is located in Administration under Firm > Security Setup. Select the Individual Employee to change the setting for, and the security setting itself is listed under the Administration Privileges heading.

Note: Changing this security setting to 'No' then requires you to manually select an Accounting Period for Posting date when going to Update Invoices. If you do not select the correct Post date based the Invoice dates and the invoice ends up with an Invoice Date in one month/year and the Post Date is in another month/year, then reports will not balance and the invoice(s) must be reversed and recreated to assign the correct dates. 

*** It is highly recommended to use the By Client option when selecting invoices to Post, so you can verify the Invoice Date on screen when selecting them. 

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