"Invalid data on clipboard" when using Paste TB import to import accounts from a Microsoft® Excel® file to a Trial Balance in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager.

This error is caused by special characters or Excel functions in the imported data, or by corrupted data in the Windows Clipboard. 

To resolve, complete the following:

  1. If opened inside of Engagement, click Tools > Options.
  2. Uncheck the option Launch Separate Instance of Excel.
  • Make sure that the Trial Balance is checked out to the user. 
  • Clear the Windows clipboard. 
  1. Click Start > Run. 
  2. Type cmd in the search bar, and press ENTER.
  3. Type in the following command: echo off | clip and press ENTER. 
  4. Reboot the machine to clear the Windows clipboard.
  • Import the data from another Excel speadsheet.
  1. Create a new blank Excel spreadsheet and place it on the desktop or within the binder.
  2. Open the new Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Open the original Excel spreadsheet with the data to be imported into Trial Balance. 
  4. Highlight and copy the imported data from the original Excel spreadsheet and paste the data as Value(s) onto the new Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Proceed with Paste TB Import using the new Excel spreadsheet with the data to be imported. 
  • If the source spreadsheet is opened inside Engagement, only the source spreadsheet needs to be open.
    1. Close the trial balance.
    2. In the source spreadsheet, click importable range. 
    3. Right-click the importable range and click Copy.
    4. Right-click on the selected field and click Paste Trial Balance Import.
  • If the source spreadsheet is opened outside of Engagement, both source spreadsheet and trial balance must be open. 
    1. In the source spreadsheet click importable range. 
    2. Right-click the importable range and click Copy. 
    3. Click the Engagement Trial Balance and click Paste Trial Balance Import.
  • If the issue persists, save the source spreadsheet to a Tab or Comma delimited text file and use the Import Conversion Wizard function from the addin to import your data.
    1. In the source workbook click File > Save As. 
    2. Change the Save as type to Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) or CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).
    3. Save the file.
    4. In the Engagement trial balance click Import > Import Conversion Wizard > ASCII Text File.
    5. Browse to the location of the file, click Comma or Tab delimited. 
    6. Click Next to import. 
    7. If issue still doesn't resolve please review this article:
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