How do I create a ratio ID in a 1065 return using worksheet view in CCH Axcess™ Tax and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

  1. Go to the Special Allocations > Special Allocations worksheet.
    • Select Section 3 - Ratio Allocation.
      • In Line 1 - Ratio ID Number / Ratio ID 1, enter a unique ratio ID number.
        • Note: Valid ratio ID numbers are 1 thru 994 and they must be associated with an income, deduction, gain/loss, etc. item in the return.
      • In Line 11, do the following:
        • In the Partner Number column, enter the applicable partner numbers.
        • In the Ratio 1 column, enter the applicable allocations.
  2. Calculate the return.
  3. For additional ratio IDs, repeat step 1.

Ratio ID Options

  • Proforma - Use the lookup value (double-click or press F4) to select proforma options. 
  • Suppress Residuals - Use the lookup value (double-click or press F4) select suppression of residuals options.
  • X if Units - Select this box if you want to use units.
  • Depr/Amort Code - Determines treatment of specially allocated depreciation / amortization on Schedule K and K-1.
  • Sec 704(c) Partner Number -  Associated by the ratio ID number entered on the Ratio ID Number field on Special Allocation worksheet and matched to the Ratio ID Number field on the depreciation worksheet. An entry must also be made in the Depr/Amort Code field for a Section 704(c) Asset. This is to identify the depreciation / amortization amount allocated to Schedule K-1 as Section 704 (c) depreciation / amortization on the partner's Schedule K-1 statement.


  • If you are using time-segmented allocation, ratio ID numbers 1 thru 15 are reserved for the time periods you specify in the worksheets found under Partners > Transfers of Interest > Section 2 - Transfer of Partner Interest. If you are not using time-segmented allocation, 1 thru 15 can be used as normal.
  • In order for the system to distinguish percentages from amounts, entries of "0" to "1.00" are considered percentages. Therefore, you must enter an allocation of $1.00 as "1.01" to distinguish it as an amount. The penny will be rounded out and will have no impact on the allocation.
  • You can enter a description of each ratio ID number beginning in Line 6. This description is memo only and is not used or printed anywhere in the return. However, you may find it useful when determining which ratio ID number to use for an allocation.
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