How many days do I have to resubmit a rejected federal return electronically?

Perfection periods, for each type of return, are shown below:


          Tax Product                 

  Calendar Days     to Resubmit  Rejected Return 

  Calendar Days   to Resubmit as    Paper Return       Calendar Days to  Resubmit Rejected        Extension             Calendar Days to  Resubmit Rejected  Extension as Paper 
   Corporation (1120)         10                     10                         5                            5                 
   S Corporation (1120S)         10        10             5             5
   Partnership (1065)         10        10             5             5 
   Fiduciary (1041)          5        10             5             5
   Individual (1040)        5(¹)        10             5            10
   Employee Benefit Plan (5500)         None       None           None           None
   Exempt Organization (990)         10        10             5             5
  • Note: (¹) - In order for an Individual return to be granted five additional days, the return must be rejected on the due date. If the return is rejected before the due date, it must be resubmitted on or before the due date to still be considered timely. If the return is submitted on due date and rejected after the due date, the return is given up to the 20th to be resubmitted electronically.


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