How do I add or remove files in a File Group in CCH Axcess Document?

The video below shows how to use File Groups in Document.

Managing Files in File Groups

After you have searched for and selected a file, you can add the file to a file group. You can also use this procedure to remove a file from a file group. This option is available for those files you have selected from an entity's document list or following a search.

Note: Each file in a document list has a context menu that can be accessed by right clicking the file. The commands available on this menu vary depending on the security access settings. The options available to you will depend on the access granted to you by the Administrator.

To add a file to a file group, do the following: 

  1. Right-click a record in the grid, and select Add/Remove in file groups from the menu. The Add to/Remove from File Group window displays.
  2. Make any necessary changes.
  3. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to exit the window without saving your changes.

Note: A File Group must be created prior to adding files to a File Group. This can be done by clicking New under the Available Group pane on the Add to/Remove from File Group window or click the link below to learn how to create a File Group from Document Central.

For more information, see how do I create a File Group in CCH Axcess Document.

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