How do I split a joint return in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

The below video discusses how to split a joint return using ProSystem fx Tax.

  1. Open the joint return you want to split.
    • Throughout the return, verify that the applicable Taxpayer, Spouse or Joint codes are setup.
      • Note: The Split Joint Return process separates the items in the return based on these codes.
  2. Select File > Split Joint Return.
  3. At the confirmation prompt, click Yes to split the return or click No to cancel the split process.
    • The system does either of the following:
      • If this is the first time this return is being split, you need to enter a client ID or the spouse's tax return (the taxpayer's return will be a new version of the joint return). After entering a client ID, click OK to complete the split process.
        • When the split is complete, a summary dialog displays showing the return versions resulting from the split. Click Print Report to print a hard copy listing the joint return, and the returns created from it.
      • If you have previously split the joint return, a dialog displays asking you if you wish to overwrite the returns previously created form the split of this married filing joint return or create new return versions.
  4. Click OK to complete the split process or click Cancel to abandon the split.
    • After the return has been split, confirm that the filing status on both returns are MFS (Married Filing Separately) and both are either itemized or not itemized.
      • Note: The IRS regulations require that both spouses use the same filing method.
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