Error: "database servername\instancename\databasename is not available" when trying to log into ProSystem fx Practice Management?

There can be many different reasons for receiving the error that the database servername\instancename\databasename is not available. Below are the top 3 most common causes and corrections for this error. If these 3 resolutions do not correct your error, please contact Support for further assistance.

Before proceeding to troubleshooting steps, first verify that the server, instance and database name mentioned in the error are correct. If the information is not correct, you will need to edit the pmnet.ini file in the cpas\vpm directory on the server and then re-run workstation setups.


  1. If all users are receiving the error when trying to log in to ProSystem fx Practice Management, check to see if the Windows Firewall on your server has been turned on. 
    • If the Windows Firewall is on, you will want to make sure that exceptions have been input to allow traffic through to the Practice Management database. 
    • Click here for instructions on what exceptions to add to your firewall.
  2. Check to make sure all applicable SQL Services are running on your server. 
    • To do this:
      • On the server, pull up services console.
        • Note: This process can vary based on your server Operating System.
      • Find the services called SQL Server(PRACTICEMGT) and SQL Server Browser.
        • Note: The information in the parenthesis may vary if the database is attached to a different instance other than our default PRACTICEMGT instance name.
      • Check the status column and make sure it states "started". If it does not have a status of started, right-click on the service, and choose Start. Even if the status states that it's started, it would be a good troubleshooting step to still right-click on the service, and choose the Restart option.
  3. There may be DNS issues on your network. This issue can cause all users or just one user to be receiving the error. To check this you will want to open a command prompt, and ping your server. 
    • The command would be "ping ". The command should return a result of an IP address. That IP address needs to be the same IP address of your server. 
    • If it is not, you will need to contact your IT to resolve these issues.
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