How do I attach a PDF document to an electronically filed return using worksheet view?

The video below explains how to attach a PDF file to a return that will be electronically filed using worksheet view in CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax, or CCH® Global fx Tax.

Some return types require that you attach supporting documents as PDF files when you electronically file a return. You can attach PDF files using the General > Electronic Filing worksheet.

  • In Tax Year 2015 and later returns, the PDF files are embedded in the return so that you can view them any time you access the return.

The following table lists the worksheet sections used to attach PDF files for all return types that you can electronically file.

  • Note: Section numbers for some return types vary slightly, depending on the tax year.
Tax ProductWorksheetSectionLine #
Exempt OrganizationForm 990General > Electronic Filing6 - PDF Attachments - Specific Forms
7 - All Other Approved PDF Attachments
IndividualForm 1040General > Electronic Filing9 - PDF Attachments1-6
FiduciaryForm 1041General > Electronic Filing7 - PDF Attachment - Optional
8 - PDF Attachment - Required
PartnershipForm 1065General > Electronic Filing7 - PDF Attachment - Required
8 - PDF Attachment - Optional
CorporationForm 1120General > Electronic Filing6 - PDF Attachment - Required
7 - PDF Attachment - Optional
S CorporationForm 1120SGeneral > Electronic Filing6 - PDF Attachment - Required
7 - PDF Attachment - Optional
Employee Benefit PlanForm 5500General > Electronic Filing2 - PDF Attachments1-4

Note: Before attaching PDF documents to returns:

  • You will need to review the IRS and DOL requirements for required PDF attachments.
  • Verify the PDF files you plan to attach are not password protected. Tax authorities do not accept encrypted PDF files.

To attach a PDF document to a return for electronic filing, do the following:
  1. Within the return being electronically filed, go to the General > Electronic Filing worksheet.
    • Select one of the PDF Attachment sections shown in the table above.
      • In the field titled PDF Code, use the lookup feature (double-click or click F4), if needed select the applicable attachment code. If you are attaching a required PDF, the file name is automatically entered in the Attachment Name field. If the PDF is optional leave the code blank and enter the IRS or DOL attachment name.
      • In the field titled PDF File Name, use the lookup feature (double-click or click F4) to navigate to and attach the desired PDF document.
        • Note: For 990 Exempt Organization returns, the field is titled Attachment Location.​
      • In the field titled FS, enter the applicable Federal or State code.
      • In the field titled State, use the lookup feature (double-click or click F4) to select the appropriate state code.
  2. Calculate the return.

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