Diagnostic: 40437 - "This is a consolidated return with more than 1 parent return or no parent..." in an 1120 return using worksheet view.

Full Diagnostic Text

"Electronic Filing. This is a consolidated return with more than 1 parent return or no parent return.  Please go to the return group tab and enter each return included in the return group one at a time and calc and recalc each return to insure the proper e filing of this return. Recalcing the parent and sub returns must be done by entering them through the return group tab in the consolidated return. The Parent return must be the 2nd return showing on the return group tab."


For each return in the return group, do the following:

  1. Go to General > Basic Data.
    • Select Section 1 - General.
      • In Lines 45 and 46 - Consolidated Return Information, use the table below to enter the appropriate options at each return level.

Line Reference
Return Level
Consolidated ReturnParent ReturnSubsidiary Return
45 - Code for Consolidated returnConsolidationParentSubsidiary
46 - Return may be included in a consolidated returnBlankSelectedSelected 
  1. ​Calculate the return.


Once the information is verified and corrected (if applicable), each return in the return group must be calculated.
  1. Select the Return Group Tab.
  2. Double-click on the last return listed.
  3. Calculate the return.
    • Note: You can press CTRL+R to force the recalculation or go to the Calc menu to recalculate.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 through the list of returns, ending with the calculation of the consolidated return.
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