How do I generate a Texas second extension in an 1120 or 1120S using worksheet view?

  1. Go to the Extensions > Extensions worksheet.
  2. Select Section 2 - State/City Extension.
  3. Click Detail.
    • In Line 1 - State, use the lookup value (double-click or press F4) to select TX>
    • In Line 3 - Special code (AL, AR...), enter 3.
  4. Calculate the return.

  • If preparing the second extension after May 15th, of the year the return is due, Go to the Extensions > Extensions worksheet > Section 2 - State/City Extension. For TX select Detail and select line 8 - Unlock, to allow the software to update the extension type.
  • Extensions are generally locked after the May 15th deadline so that no changes can be made without unlocking them.
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