How do I create a new staff or user ID (SSO user) for CCH® ProSystem fx® internet applications?


  • Explain how to create Single Sign On (SSO) users or staff.
  • How to create log in accounts for Electronic Filing, My1040Data, or Software Delivery Manager.


  • Software Delivery Manager
  • CCH My1040Data Toolkit
  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • Electronic Filing


This article explains how to create staff members for Electronic Filing, Software Delivery Manager, downloading permission keys, and any other program or process that uses Single Sign On (SSO) authentication for CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite applications.

In order to perform these steps, your SSO user must be the account administrator or have rights to configure staff.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Single Sign On (SSO).
  3. Click Staff.
    • The option selected here will open in a pop up window. If pop ups are blocked then the page will be unable to load resulting in an error screen.
    • To search for a specific staff or user ID, use the Filter staff by boxes at the top of the page and then click Search.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Fill out the boxes on this page and click Next.
    • ​Required fields will display with an *.
    • User ID must be at least six characters long.
    • User ID cannot have been used by any other users of
      • This includes deleted user ID's.
    • Users can be assigned to a group to be given specific functional rights. Groups can be created under the Groups tab on the main menu.
    • Password should be set to a temporary password. The user will be prompted to change the password when they log in for the first time. 
      • The temporary password you set here will not get sent to the user. You will have to provide them this password manually. 
  6. On the Licensing/Product Access page, select the products that you want the user to have access to, and click Next.
  7. On the Functional Rights page, select all the functions that you want the user to be able to access, and click Next.


  • Other tabs on the main menu include:
    • Groups - Use to create separate groups which contain their own functional rights. Users can be assigned to those groups under the General Information page for the individual user.
    • Teams - Use to create separate teams for only informational purposes.
    • Misc Setup - Use to assign users to different departments and/or titles and are only for informational purposes.
    • Multi-Office - Used to copy titles, departments, groups, and teams from one office to another in a multi-office setup.

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