Files are not correctly routing to CCH Axcess™ Document or ProSystem fx® Document from CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan Autoflow

Troubleshooting this issue can be simplified by first determining whether the PDF file was correctly named according to the Routing Slip and saved into the Export folder that the Local Routing Queue (CCH Axcess™ Document) or Common Routing Queue Service (CCH Axcess™ Document Hybrid) or Common Routing Service (CCH® ProSystem fx® Document) monitors. If the jobs are correctly created in CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan, troubleshoot the issue according to whether the product is CCH Axcess™ Document or CCH® ProSystem fx® Document 

CCH Axcess™ Document:
  • Ensure your Local Routing Queue is correctly configured. Please see our article 000077785"How do I integrate CCH ProSystem fx Scan with CCH Axcess Document using the Routing Queue?" for detailed steps and a helpful video tutorial.
  • Ensure you have only one instance of the Local Routing Queue in your environment, preferably on the CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan Administrator system.
  • Ensure that if the CCH Axcess™ Document application was recently updated, the Local Routing Queue was closed prior to the update; if the Local Routing Queue is not closed prior to updating CCH Axcess™ Document, the Local Routing Queue version won't be correct and it may incorrectly move correctly-named PDF files into the ErrorDirectory.
    • To resolve this version mismatch, close CCH Axcess™ Document and the Local Routing Queue and repair CCH Axcess™ Document using our article 000024447 "How do I install, repair, uninstall, or download CCH Axcess™ products?"
    • Once repaired, you should login CCH Axcess™ Document, launch the Local Routing Queue, right-click the icon in the System Tray and select Settings, then ensure the configuration is correctly saved; move the incorrectly-routed files from their ErrorDirectory subfolders into the Export folder so the Local Routing Queue can correctly route the files into CCH Axcess™ Document.

CCH® ProSystem fx® Document:
  • Log into the CCH® ProSystem fx® Document server.
  • Open the Windows Services for the server.
  • Restart the Common Routing Service.
  • Close the Windows Services for the server.

This will usually resolve the issue but if files still do not route to CCH® ProSystem fx® Document:
  • Launch the Dashboard (on any system, including on the server).
  • Click Configuration > Firm > Settings and Defaults > Organization Units.
  • Double click the office name to open it for editing.
  • Click Document.
  • Expand Common Routing Queue Service.
  • Verify the correct Document server name and export path is listed, if not then add it and if you added a path, restart the Common Routing Service on the Document server as explained above.
If the above does not resolve:
  • If you've tried the steps and files fail to route, ensure the the Export folder that the Common Routing Service or the Local Routing Queue monitors has sufficient permissions to all users. This should normally be Full Control for all users in a Windows Workgroup or Full Control for Domain users in a Windows Domain.
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