Microsoft® Office Plugins for CCH Axcess™ Document or CCH® ProSystem fx® Document don't appear or work when installed

This may occur because the CCH Axcess™ or CCH® ProSystem fx® Document Office Framework has become damaged or corrupt and may need reinstallation. Before further troubleshooting, follow our article 000062614 "How do I reinstall the CCH Axcess™ Document or CCH® ProSystem fx® Document Office Framework?" If this doesn't resolve the issue, proceed with the following steps.

The Microsoft® Office plugins used with CCH Axcess™ Document or CCH® ProSystem fx® Document can become disabled for several reasons. Each plugin is managed from its host program.

  • Example: The Cch.Pfx.OfficeAddin.Core.Excel plugin is managed within Microsoft® Excel®.

To re-enable a plug-in within the host application:

  1. Open the Microsoft® Office program in which you are enabling the plugin.
  2. Click File > Options.
  3. Click Add-Ins.
  4. In the Manage box, select Disabled Items, and then click Go.
  5. If any of the following plugin addins are listed in the box, select them, and then click Enable.
    • Cch.Pfx.OfficeAddin.Core.Excel
    • Cch.Pfx.OfficeAddin.Core.Outlook
    • Cch.Pfx.OfficeAddin.Core.Word
    • Cch.Pfx.OfficeAddin.Core.Powerpoint
  6. Close the Disabled Items window.
  7. If the plugin addins were not listed in the Disabled Items list, select COM Add-ins in the Manage box and click Go.
  8. Select the check box for any of the plugin addins that are not already selected and click OK.

If the issue is happening in only the Outlook program and the above steps do not resolve, then it may be disabling the plugin because it causes Outlook to take longer to load.
Here is our article with an explanation of this issue as well as steps to resolve: CCH® ProSystem fx® Document or CCH Axcess™ Document plugin options are not showing in Outlook.
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