FAQs about EFIN registration for returns in CCH Axcess™ and CCH® ProSystem fx®.

Warning! If your firm has not provided Wolters Kluwer with your EFIN and Tracking Number, you may be delayed in e-filing returns. Please provide this information to Wolters Kluwer to avoid risking your ability to e-file. 
As part of our continuing commitment to work with the IRS, states, and industry to combat tax fraud, Wolters Kluwer requires all CCH tax professional customers to have IRS documentation of Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) registration on file before they can e-file through CCH professional tax products.  
Additionally, customers must submit EFIN documentation when requesting changes on their account. Your firm name and business address must match the IRS EFIN Application Summary. (Refer to IRS Pub 3112, pages 3-16). 

Q. Do I need to provide EFIN verification? 

A. Protecting your EFIN account and your taxpayer data is as important to us as it is to you. As such, we require that all ERO’s (Electronic Return Originators) provide verification of their EFIN (Electronic File Identification Number) before e-filing. It’s an important first step in preventing tax-related identify theft and fraud.
Provide EFIN verification if you intend to electronically file any return this year. You do not need to provide if you only intend to paper file. If you do not provide Wolters Kluwer with your EFIN Summary information you will not have a VCN and you will receive a diagnostic with instructions on how to resolve.  

Q. What are the steps to obtain, validate, and use EFINs for electronic filing?
A. Beginning with tax year 2017, EFINs are no longer uploaded to Wolters Kluwer from the Support site. EFIN numbers for your firm are entered in the Electronic Filing Status System using EFIN Manager. Do the following:
  1. Apply to be an e-file provider. See the IRS e-file Application and Participation PDF for instructions. Once approved, the IRS will email your firm's EFIN.
  2. Obtain the Tracking Number that is associated with your EFIN in the e-file Application Summary on the IRS e-Services site.
  3. Enter the EFIN and Tracking Number in EFIN Manager. After approximately 48 hours, a Vendor Control Number (VCN) is assigned.
  4. Obtain the VCN in EFIN Manager.
  5. Enter the EFIN and VCN in one of the following:

Q. What do I need to supply to the IRS in the e-File Application?

A. You must submit official documentation of your credentials to become an authorized e-file provider:
  • First, you will supply identification information for your firm.
  • Next, you will enter information about each Principal and Responsible Official in your organization.
  • You choose your e-file provider option. If you are a return preparer and want to e-file for clients, select electronic return originator, or ERO.
  • If the Principal or Responsible Official is someone who is certified or licensed, such as an attorney, CPA or enrolled agent, they must enter current professional status information.
  • All other individuals need to provide fingerprints to the IRS. You can get a fingerprint card by calling 866-255-0654.
Note: P.O. boxes will not be approved for your firm address. The IRS requires a physical address print on your tax returns.

Q. How long does it take the IRS to approve an e-File Application?

A. It can take up to 45 days for the IRS to approve an e-file application. So please plan accordingly and allow enough time. 

Q. What happens after I enter my firm's EFIN and Tracking Number in EFIN Manager?

A. Allow approximately 48 hours for the IRS to validate the EFIN. Wolters Kluwer will then assign a Vendor Control Number (VCN). VCNs are assigned to each EFIN. To find the VCN assigned to your EFIN, open Electronic Filing Status and navigate to Admin > EFIN Manager. See our articles on using EFIN Manager and VCNs for more information.

Q. How do I set my firm's EFIN as a default for tax returns?

A. Enter both the EFIN and VCN in one of the following:

Additional Information

EFIN Usage

  • The EFIN is registered to the firm where returns are prepared. For more information, see IRS FAQs about Electronic Filing ID Numbers.
  • The IRS recommends that you help safeguard your EFIN. During the filing season, check on your EFIN status to ensure that your EFIN is not being used by others improperly. Your e-file application will help verify the volume received by the IRS which you can match to your records. The statistics are updated weekly. Should you see a higher volume than you transmitted, please contact the IRS e-help Desk at 866-255-0654.

Regulatory requirement: IRS Publication 3112, page 12, requires e-file transmitters (CCH) to verify the ERO’s EFIN

"Authorized IRS e-file Providers may use only other Authorized IRS e-file Providers to perform IRS e-file activities, including but not limited to origination and transmission of electronic submission. For example, Transmitters must ensure they are transmitting only for Authorized IRS e-file Providers. Providers should request other Providers provide information to ascertain that they are Authorized IRS e-file Providers."

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