How do I update the permission key for CCH® Prosystem fx® Practice Management?

The video below explains how to update your permission key for ​CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management.

To update your Permission Key for CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management, do the following:
  1. Open and log in to Software Delivery Manager. For instructions, see our article on installing Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Click Permission Key.
  3. Select and copy all five files.
  4. Open the location of the server and navigate to cpas\vpm\permkey.
    • Note: If you are unsure of the path to this location, log in to Practice Management, go to Help > About CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management, and click Additional Info. Look for Server Application Path.
  5. Replace all five files in this location.
Note: After replacing the Permission Key files, you will need to close Practice Management and log back in for the new licenses to be available.
If the new files do not have a current date:
  1. Close Software Delivery Manager,
  2. Delete the permkey folder from C:\Temp\IUManager\ProSystemFxSoftware.
  3. Run Software Delivery Manager as Administrator.
  4. Repeat steps 2-5 above.
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