How do I deploy CCH® IntelliForms® global settings?

The video and text below provides information about deploying global settings for CCH IntelliForms with the IntelliFormsAdmin.xml file.

Using the IntelliFormsAdmin.xml file, you can globally configure the following CCH IntelliForms settings:

  • Saved Data Path. This is the location where CCH IntelliForms saves clients, forms and profiles.
  • Proxy settings. If your network environment requires CCH IntelliForms to be directed to a proxy server or firewall, you can globally set the proxy name or IP address and port number.
  • Blank Forms Cache. This is the location where CCH IntelliForms saves copies of blank forms which helps improve performance when an installed blank form is opened. This setting should only be changed in some Citrix or Remote Desktop server environments or in special environments where the C: drive is wiped after logoff.  For more information about this setting, please see the instructions for editing the IntelliFormsAdmin.xml file found at:

The IntelliFormsAdmin.xml file is meant to be used with these installation types:

The IntelliFormsAdmin.xml file can be downloaded from
Instructions for editing the IntelliFormsAdmin.xml file can be found at

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