Can I e-file only the estimate tax payments without tax returns when using CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax, or CCH® Global fx?

Federal estimated payments cannot be electronically filed as stand alone forms, they must go with the return.

The following states allow estimated tax payments to be electronically filed as stand alone:
Type of ReturnStates
1040 - IndividualAL, DC, NY, and NYC
1041 - FiduciaryNY
1065 - PartnershipMN, NJ, TN, and WI
1120 - CorporationAL, CT, MN, NJ, NY, NYC, TN, and WI
1120S - S CorporationAL, MN, NJ, NY, NYC, TN, and WI
Note: AL is exported by using the Specialized State Estimate option during export. To export all other states, select the Return option during export. Make sure to only select the the state estimate(s) you wish to file.
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