CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan: Overview of the Scan Administrator Module

The video below gives an overview of the tabs and menu items in Scan Adiministrator in CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan.

Scan Administrator includes six tabs, each of which allows the administrator to perform different tasks. These tabs and the tasks performed on each are described below.
  • Queue tab. When you open Scan, this tab displays by default. Use this tab to monitor and administer Scan jobs.
  • Folder Settings tab. Use this tab to set up and manage your import, archive, and export folders. You can also configure various settings for your import folders, such as the data extraction settings and the image enhancement tasks that are performed when files are imported.
  • General Settings tab. You can set firm-level defaults for Scan on this tab. For example, you can specify how often  updates the jobs list and how long  waits before capturing a file in an import folder.
  • AutoFlow Settings tab. Use this tab to control how AutoFlow should handle certain types of tasks, such as importing 0.00 wash sales into tax returns.
  • History tab. Use this tab to verify  jobs, access files from completed  jobs, and export job history. 
  • Services. Although it is packaged as a single entity, Scan is actually a collection of several services. You can use this tab to stop or start  services.
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