How do I use the grid controls in CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan?

This video‚Äč shows how to use the filters and other grid controls that are available in the Scan Workstation and Scan Administrator grids.

Beginning with Scan v. 14, you can use grid controls to work more efficiently in the following Scan grids:
  • Scan Workstation window
  • Scan Workstation History window
  • Scan Admin Queue tab
  • Scan Admin History tab
Note: On the Scan Workstation History window and the Scan Admin History tab, you might have to select options in the Folder History filter section before you can view a list of jobs.

The features that are available include the following:
  • Grouping. Drag a column header to the empty space above the column header row to group by that field. You can expand and collapse each group by clicking the arrows to the left of the group. Drag the column header back to the header row to remove the grouping.
  • Search the grid. Enter a search term in the search box in the top right corner of the window, and then press Enter to view the results. Click the x button in the search box to remove the search criteria.
  • Filter the results in the grid. You can use the column filters in two ways.
    • In the text box immediately below a column header, click the filter button on the left and select a filter operator. Then, enter a filtering term in the text box. The list will update immediately
    • Hover the pointer over a column header until a filter button displays. Click this button to view a list of all the values in the column. Select the check boxes for the items that you want to include in the results, and then click OK.
To remove either of these filters, click the filter button in the text box beneath the column header, and then click Clear Filter.
  • Reorder columns. Drag and drop a column header to a new position in the column header row. Arrows display above and below the row when you've reached a location where you can insert the column.
  • Change the row width. Click and drag a column divider to change the width of a row.
  • Sort the list. Click a column header to sort by that column. Click again to reverse the sort order.
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