"Server License Violation" in CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan

A firm or hosting provider can show a "LICENSED VERSION,Product Activated...Server License Violation,x servers active y licensed..." error in CCH ProSystem fx Scan, after installation or update from a previous version. This error indicates the license count for CCH ProSystem fx Scan Administrator has been exceeded in the domain according to the permkey that is in use. This is caused by one of the following situations:
  • If the firm does not have additional Scan Administrator licensing, the excess installation(s) must be removed. The firm will need to choose which licensed system(s) they want to use and uninstall Scan from the excess system(s), then reboot all the excess Scan Administrator hosts first and then reboot the correct Scan Administrator host.
  • Try a reboot, if they are still getting the error on a new job then reinstall Scan.
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