How do I add a partner to a 1065 return using worksheet view?

  1. Go to the Partners > Partner Information worksheet.
    • In the Partner Summary section, select a blank row for the new partner information.
    • Click Detail located in the upper left corner of the grid.
      • Select Section 1 - Basic Partner Data.
        • In Lines 1-17 - Basic Partner Data, enter the appropriate information.
        • In Line 18 - Partner Residency, enter the appropriate information. 
        • In Lines 19-21 - Beginning Partner Percentages, do not enter values for the new partner.
  2. Calculate the return.


  • On the blue bar located above section 1 - Basic Partner Detail, you can do the following:
    • Use the Previous Arrow and Next Arrow icons to navigate through the existing partners or to locate a blank partner screen to enter a new partner. 
    • Click Add to add a new partner if no blank forms are still available. 
    • Click Delete to remove an existing partner. Deleting the partner information in this location will not change any other information in the return.
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