What is 2-Step Verification for CCH Axcess™ Portal and CCH® Client Axcess?

2-step verification is an added security measure for your Portal account. 2-step verification increases security by sending users a one-time code that authenticates identity and the device from which they are logging in, adding a layer of protection more resilient than a password alone can provide. 

This security measure will be enabled for all users on April 29, 2018.  

If you would like to enable this security measure before the date listed above, follow the article below.

To view a video and a list of steps on how to login using 2-Step Authentication, follow the article below:

Additional Information

  • There are several attachments, listed on the right that contain information to assist you.
    • Client email Template April 2018. A sample letter that you can send to your clients informing them of 2-step verification.
    • Portal 2-Step Verification FAQ. Some frequently asked questions about 2-step verification and how it applies to Portal and Client Axcess.
    • Logging In Quick Reference. A quick reference card with information about logging in using 2-step verification and resetting your password.
  • How does ADFS interact with 2-step verification in CCH® Client Axcess or CCH Axcess™ Portal?
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