How do I set up CCH Axcess™ Practice to print invoices to CCH Axcess™ Portal?

After you set up a client portal, additional set up is required before you can publish Practice invoices to Portal.

Portal Integrated with Document

  1. Set up the invoice mapping options for Document. These options determine where invoices should be stored in Document. As part of this setup, you also must select the Publish to Portal option. See How do I select the location where invoices generated in CCH Axcess™ Practice are sent to in CCH Axcess™ Document?
  2. Select the client option to publish invoices to Document. You can select this option for individual clients, or use the Update Multiple option to apply this selection to many clients at one time. See How do I set up client option to send invoices from CCH Axcess™ Practice to CCH Axcess™ Document?


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