How does ADFS interact with 2-step verification in CCH® Client Axcess or CCH Axcess™ Portal?

Client Axcess and Portal have an integrated version and a stand-alone version.
  • Integrated means that you also license CCH Axcess™ Document or CCH® ProSystem fx® Document and you manage your client's portals from within Axcess.
  • Stand-alone Portal users do not have Document, and you manage your client's portals by logging into the Portal website.
2-step verification in Portal or Client Axcess only affects people that log into the program from the Client Axcess and Portal websites. 
  • Integrated Portal users. You will continue to log into CCH Axcess the way you always have (whether you use ADFS or not). 2-step verification only affects your clients because they log into their portal from the Client Axcess or Portal websites.
  • Stand-alone Portal users. Since you access Portal through the website, both you and your clients will be prompted to log in using 2-step verification.

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