How do I update the profiles of existing staff users in CCH Axcess™?

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  • 01/14/2020


  • Explains how to check and update staff profiles in CCH Axcess.
  • How to update phone numbers for users.


  • CCH Axcess
  • CCH Axcess Document
  • CCH Axcess Workstream
  • CCH Axcess Practice
  • CCH Axcess Tax
  • Staff Manager


  1. Open Dashboard.
  2. Select Applications links.
  3. Under Staff, select Staff Manager.
  4. Select the staff you want to update in the list, and press Enter.
  5. Update the needed information within the profile.
    • For more information on where to make specific changes in a profile, review our help file on setting up staff.
  6. Select Save and Close after all changes are completed.

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