CCH Axcess™: Software News - REMINDER - 2-Step Verification (Multi-Factor Authentication)

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This is a copy of the CCH Software News that was sent on August 23, 2018 regarding 2-Step Verification.


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Dear CCH Axcess Customer:

Application security standards continue to strengthen with regards to login requirements. Our Wolters Kluwer solutions are no exception, and we are proud to provide our 2-Step Verification within CCH Axcess™. 

We previously announced the availability of 2-Step Verification this past April and initially implemented 2-Step Verification as disabled with an 'Opt In' firm configuration option. We also announced in April that this default would be changing to enabled with an 'Opt Out' firm configuration option starting with our 2017-5.0 release in early November. 

Action Required. Please understand that it is imperative you take the necessary steps to ensure each and every user of CCH Axcess has accurate staff profile information - specifically e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers- saved within the CCH Axcess staff profiles. 

2-Step Verification codes are distributed via notifications to the email address on record and/or via a text or voice message to phone number(s) configured in the users staff profile. If this data is incorrect, CCH Axcess users will not be able to receive the verification code and will NOT be able to log into CCH Axcess. 

Another use case which needs to be considered is the sharing of user credentials between two or more staff. Please note that this is a dangerous security practice, and that anyone trying to log in who is not registered to that specific user will not be able to get the verification code, and ultimately will NOT be able to log in to CCH Axcess.

Please take the time now to have each of your staff ensure their staff profile information is accurate and up-to-date. Once release 2017-5.0 is deployed, all users attempting to log in to CCH Axcess will be challenged with the 2-Step Verification code. 

Rest assured, we absolutely want to avoid any disruption with your user's ability to log in to CCH Axcess as a result of this change. That said, please understand this is a vital step for you to take to avoid any issues once we change the default from disabled to enabled..

For more information, please review our Knowledge Base Article and video, "How do I enable 2-step verification for my firm in CCH Axcess™?"
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