Diagnostic: 43516 - "West Virginia Electronic Filing.  An amount is present on Form IT-140, line 11, but no withholding documents have been..." in a 1040 return using worksheet view.

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Full Diagnostic Text

"West Virginia Electronic Filing.  An amount is present on Form IT-140, line 11, but no withholding documents have been included in the electronic file.  Verify that income and withholding data has been entered and that no input or govermnent form overrides have been used.  If West Virginia withholding is exclusively from West Virginia Form K-1, 1099, WV/NRW-2 and/or WV/NRSR, attach these forms in PDF format on the Electronic Filing worksheet, PDF Attachments section, PDF Code field, code(s) WV21, WV22, WV23 and/or WV24 respectively."


  • CCH Axcess Tax
  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • 1040
  • Worksheet
  • Electronic Filing
  • West Virginia





  1. General > Electronic Filing > Section 9 - PDF Attachments.
    • In Line 2 - Select applicable code according to the type of withholding source. WV21, WV22, WV23, WV35.
    • In Line 3 - Browse to select PDF of applicable withholding document.
  2. Calculate the return.
NOTE:  A diagnostic override code may need to be given, if you have the PDFs attached, and the diagnostic is still issuing. Contact Support at 1-800-739-9998 for this information. If you do receive a code, enter it on interview form EF-1 box 75 (worksheet view: General > Electronic Filing > Section 1 General > Line 26). Once you enter the code and calculate, the code may disappear and you may still get the same diagnostic, but it will allow you to export. If you do not export on the day you receive the override code you will need to call in again for the code, or reopen this case on the day you are going to export.

NOTE: When there are multiple K-1s, attach one using the entity number under WV > 6. Other > 6. WV Sch K-1. The rest may have to be attached as PDFs.


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