"Verify Email Address and Phone Numbers" when logging into a CCH® ProSystem fx® internet application (SSO).

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  • 05/14/2020


  • Why am I being prompted to check my phone number and email address when logging into Software Delivery Manager, My1040Data Toolkit, CCH ProSystem fx Outsource Status or Electronic Filing?


  • Software Delivery Manager
  • CCH My1040Data Toolkit
  • CCH ProSystem fx Outsource Status
  • Electronic Filing Status
  • Single Sign On (SSO)




Wolters Kluwer is implementing 2-Step Verification to enhance security when logging into internet applications. 2-Step Verification increases security by sending users a code that authenticates identity and the device from which they are logging in, adding a layer of protection more resilient than a password alone can provide. 

The information that you are being asked to verify is where the verification code can be sent. 

After verifying your information, select the Do no show again checkbox.  Then click Continue.
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