CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager: 2018 Conversion Charts by Input Form

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  • CCH ProSystem fx Workpaper Manager v7.5 and higher.
  • CCH Axcess 2018 Tax
  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax 2018
  • CCH Global fx 2018 Tax


Click the attached files in the attachment section on the right to download the tax line conversion chart for the desired return type. These can also be found in the help files in CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager.

Note: The following charts are relevant to the 2018 Tax Grouping Update Wizard.
ConversionReturn TypeFile Name
(Download the zip file for all PDF's)
Conversion Chart Sorted by Input Form File Names
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionIndividual - 10402018 PfxWM by Input Form - Indiv.pdf
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionC Corporation - 11202018 PfxWM by Input Form - Corp.pdf
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionS Corporation - 1120S2018 PfxWM by Input Form - SCorp.pd
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionPartnership - 10652018 PfxWM by Input Form - Partner.pdf
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionExempt Organization - 9902018 PfxWM by Input Form - Exempt.pdf
To find these charts sorted by tax line, please view the article CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager: 2018 Conversion Charts by Tax Line.

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