How do I enable or disable 2-Step Verification on the Customer Support site?

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To enable or disable the 2-Step Verification (Multi-factor Authentication or MFA) on the Customer Support Site.


  • Customer Support Site
  • My Account


  1. Log into the customer support site.
    • For steps on logging in or resetting the support site password, see the related articles below.
  2. Go to My Corner > My Profile.
  3. In Enable 2-Step Verification (Multi-Factor Authentication), select the checkbox to enable 2-Step Verification. 
    • Note: Clear the checkbox to disable 2-Step Verification.
  4. Select one of the following to verify the user by:
    • SMS (Text Message) - Select to receive a text message to the phone number on file.
    • Voice - Select to receive an voice message with the login code.
    • Email - Select to receive an email with the login code to the email address associated to the user login.
  5. Click Submit.
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