Users are unable to add files to Document through the CCH Axcess™ Open Integration Platform, version 8.3.

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When you install the latest version of the Open Integration Kit, version 8.3, you will receive an error message indicating that required DLL files are not available. This will result in the inability to add files to Document through the integration kit. This issue only affects adding files to Document when Document is not installed on the machine.  Our engineers are working on a solution which we expect to release with the 2018-4.1 release in July. 
In the meantime, please find details on how to resolve this issue using the following KB link.






If Document is installed, do the following:
  1. For Axcess, copy the file “WK.Axcess.Document.Common.Client.Models.dll” from C:\Program Files (x86)\WK\ProSystem fx Suite\Smart Client\SaaS folder to OIP ~\Version8.3\Bin folder.
  2. For OP, copy the file “WK.Axcess.Document.Common.Client.Models.dll” from C:\Program Files (x86)\WK\ProSystem fx Suite\Smart Client\OP folder to OIP ~\Version8.3\Bin folder.
If Document is not installed, do the following:
  1. Download the attached zip file that contains the WK.Axcess.Document.Common.Client.Models.dll file and copy it to ~\Version8.3\Bin folder.

NOTE: The methods available for DocumentUpload may vary depending on the Firm's installation of CCH Document.
  • 5 Parameter Method
    • DocumentManager.UploadDocument(CCH.Pfx.TPI.SDK.Document.Interfaces.IDocumentMetadata, System.IO.Stream, bool, int, CCH.Pfx.TPI.SDK.DocumentEx.DuplicateFileHandlingOption)
    • Only available if the Firm has a Hybrid install of Document. 

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