When do I need to update my Open Integration Platform (OIP) applications?

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Learn when to update Open Integration Platform (OIP) applications.


CCH Axcess Open Integration Platform (OIP)


To ensure the highest quality and performance, Wolters Kluwer can support only the latest versions of its applications and services. In the case of CCH Axcess Open Integration Platform (OIP) support is not available for technology that is older than the three most recent major releases. We recommend that you plan to update your applications annually so that you stay on a supported version.

Currently supported releases include:

  • Open Integration Kit v10.3 (2020-3.5 released May 2021)
  • Open Integration Kit v9.5 (2019-5.0 released November 2020)
  • Open Integration Kit v9.3 (2019-3.4 released April 2020)
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