What's New in TeamMate Analytics 7.1

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Latest Information on the new TeamMate Analytics 7.1


TeamMate Analytics


The following video shows new features available on TeamMate Analytics v7.1



Automate complex data analysis flows - Expert Analyzer
Sample very large data files - Monetary Unit Sampling in Expert Analyzer
Pull clean data directly from Xero - Xero API integration
Create more flexible Lead Schedules - Lead Schedule enhancements
Import very large data: .txt, .xls, .PDF
Incorporate data cleansing in your automated analysis workflow
TeamMate Support

What’s New – Overview

The TeamMate Analytics 7.1 release includes new features and enhancements to existing tools. These are all driven by popular requests from users and add powerful new capabilities to TeamMate Analytics.

The addition of the Expert Analyzer replaces the previous Custom Modules and introduces additional flexibility for automating multi-step analysis.  It includes all of the features from the previous Custom Modules as well as improved functions and the ability to create visual workflows.  In addition the Monetary Unit Sampling in Expert Analyzer has been improved and is no longer limited to files with less than 1 million rows.

This release also brings direct integration capability with the Xero online accounting platform through the new Xero API as well as improvements to enhance the flexibility of Lead Schedules created through the Lead Schedule tool.

Automate complex data analysis flows - Expert Analyzer [RETURN]

Expert Analyzer allows you to package up data analysis expertise so that it can be quickly, easily, and consistently applied on any audit. Expert Analyzer replaces Custom Modules and delivers a revolutionary new level of flexibility, allowing you to automate multi-step analysis with an intuitive graphical workflow designer and you don’t have to write codes or scripts. Expert Analyzer includes all the features of Custom Modules, with the additional options of:
  • Using multiple data files.
  • Joining two data files together.
  • Grouping, then further analyzing the grouped data.
  • Filtering, then further analyzing just the filtered data.
  • Branching data to multiple independent flows.

This additional flexibility enables you to create easy-to-run workflows for almost any analysis task and any audit - operational, compliance, financial, IT, or whatever is on your audit plan. 
Visual Expert Analyzer workflow designer
The new workflow designer makes creating these workflows a breeze; dragging and dropping icons for each test onto a canvas and connecting them together however you wish. The Audit Log has also been updated to more clearly document the analysis performed for reviewing or reproducing in the future.
Expert Analyzer workflow designer and enhanced Audit LogExpert Analyzer workflow designer and enhanced Audit Log

Sample very large data files - Monetary Unit Sampling in Expert Analyzer [RETURN]

Monetary Unit Sampling (MUS) is no longer limited to data files with less than 1 million rows. By adding MUS to Expert Analyzer, we’ve enabled sampling of very large data files, along with the existing Random Sampling functionality.
You can also integrate MUS into your Expert Analyzer workflows and you can now extract MUS samples at the same time as performing detailed analysis on Journals, Payables, Expenses, or any other audit area.

Pull clean data directly from Xero - Xero API integration [RETURN]

TeamMate Analytics now has direct integration with the Xero online accounting platform. This enables you to simply and directly download Journals, Invoices, and Trial Balance data for your clients, in a ready-to-use format that requires no additional data manipulation.

Logging into the Xero website via TeamMate Analytics creates an authorization code that provides a temporary direct connection using the Xero API.

Create more flexible Lead Schedules - Lead Schedule enhancements [RETURN]

New additions to the Lead Schedule tool allow you to:
  • Specify a second level of account code and description – you might use this for cost center or sub account code.
  • Customize the captions for the headers of each account column to match the terminology used by your organization.
  • Extract each lead schedule page to a separate workbook to distribute among your team or file under each audit section.

Import very large reports: .txt., .xls, .PDF  [RETURN]

With Import Wizard integrated into Expert Analyzer, you can now clean and import text files and PDFs with more than one million rows of data, then analyze them with TeamMate Analytics. The Import Wizard works with text, Excel, or PDF files of any size – making it more flexible to your data sets and workflow.

Incorporate data cleansing in your automated analysis workflow [RETURN]

The Import Wizard ensures that data from source files is reformatted and/or cleansed for use with the Expert Analyzer. This automates the data cleansing process alongside running your analysis, saving you time and effort.

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TeamMate Support [RETURN]

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, contact TeamMate Support (same team as Engagement support) by creating a support case at https://support.cch.com/ticket/.

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