After the 2018-5.0 update files are not deleting after the file is uploaded into CCH Prosystem fx Document On-Premise.

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  • The user uploads a file. When prompted to delete they click Yes, but the file does not delete from the local machine.
  • Why do the files I add to CCH Prosystem fx  Document On-Premise not delete when I select Yes when prompted?
  • Why are my uploaded files not deleting when I have uploaded them to CCH Prosystem fx  Document On-Premise?


  • CCH Prosystem fx  Document On-Premise




  1. Close completely out of Dashboard and Document.
  2. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\WK\ProSystem fx Suite\Smart Client\OP\
  3. Rename CCH.Document.UI.Common.dll to CCH.Document.UI.Common.dll.old
  4. Download the attachment and replace the file that was renamed

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