CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach: Navigation Overview and Tips

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To understand navigation of an engagement in CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach.


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This video provides an overview and tips for navigating CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach.

Knowledge Coach includes three primary views that you will use on a daily basis. Basic information about each view is included in the table below.

  • To help familiarize yourself with these views, you can create sample engagements and navigate between the views.
  • If you use multiple monitors and want to be able to view multiple Knowledge Coach pages side by side, you can right-click a link in Knowledge Coach and select to open the page in a new tab or browser. You can then drag the tabs or browser instances to different monitors.


How to Access                                        


All Engagements page
  • Opens automatically when you open Knowledge Coach.
  • Click Home from any page in Knowledge Coach to return here.
Location for starting new engagements and accessing existing ones, among other tasks.
Engagement viewFrom All Engagements:
  • Click an engagement name to open the engagement view.
From the forms view:
  • Click the engagement name in the navigation bar above the form.
Lists all the forms included in the engagement and provides a high-level view of the engagement status.

Most of the tasks performed here are at a form level, such as adding and deleting forms, adding notes, and signing off on forms.
Forms view
  • Click a form name in the engagement view or in another form.
  • When you create an engagement, the engagement opens automatically to the forms view.
Forms are where the engagement workflow is managed. This is where you will respond to tailoring questions, specify the program steps, and analyze risks, among other tasks.
Most other pages in Knowledge Coach can be reached from one of these three views.

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