CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach: Sharing Work and Submitting Changes

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To have multiple users working within the same engagement and be able to see each others completed work.


  • CCH Axcess
  • CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach


This video provides information for sharing work within engagements in CCH Axcess™ Knowledge Coach.

Sharing Work in an Engagement

Knowledge Coach makes it easy for engagement team members to share their work. Multiple people can work in the same engagement and view the same form at the same time. Updates can be shared with your colleagues almost immediately, without requiring you to check forms in or out or to synchronize engagements.

The first person who makes a change in a form is the active user in that form. That person's user name displays in the Active User column for that form in the engagement view. If one person is actively editing a form, the form is read-only for other users viewing the form.

Submitting Changes

While you are the active user in a form, the changes you make are visible only to you. A red dot displays on the top right of the Submit All Changes button to indicate that you have edits that have not been shared with others.
To save your changes and make them visible to other team members, click Submit All Changes, and then Yes.
Submitting changes will also remove you as the active user.
  • Note: You cannot undo changes that you have submitted. Discard Changes can only be used to reverse changes that have not yet been submitted.

Viewing Changes Submitted by Other Users

When someone else has submitted changes for a form you are working in, a red dot displays on the Refresh button in the right navigation pane. Click Refresh to update the form so you can view the edits made by other users.

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