CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement: 2019 Conversion Charts by Tax Line

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  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 2017 and higher.
  • CCH Axcess 2019 Tax
  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax 2019 Tax


Click any of the attached files in the attachment section on the right to find out which 2019 tax grouping in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement goes to which tax form in CCH® Axcess™ or  ProSystem fx® Tax.

Note: The following charts are relevant to the 2019 Tax Grouping Update Wizard.

ConversionReturn TypeFile Name
(Download the zip file for all PDF's)
Conversion Chart by Tax Line File Names
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionIndividual - 10402019 Eng by Tax Line - Indiv.pdf
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionC Corporation - 11202019 Eng by Tax Line - Corp.pdf
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionS Corporation - 1120S2019 Eng by Tax Line _SC.pdf
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionPartnership - 10652019 Eng by Tax Line - Partnership.pdf
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Line ConversionExempt Organization - 9902019 Eng by Tax Line - Exempt.pdf

To find these charts sorted by input form, please view the article CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement: 2019 Conversion Charts by Input Form

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