Diagnostic 47199: "The Director and Officer information on Schedule D, line 7 is missing or incomplete..." for South Carolina in an 1120 return using worksheet view.

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Diagnostic 47199:
"South Carolina Electronic Filing. The Director and Officer information on Schedule D, line 7 is missing or incomplete and is required for electronic filing. Please check your input on South Carolina worksheet, Other section, under Directors and Principal Officers address."


  • CCH Axcess Tax
  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • 1120
  • South Carolina
  • Electronic Filing




On release version 2019.04020 (2019-4.2), it was identified that diagnostic 47199 is being issued in error. To electronically file the return when the only disqualifying diagnostic is Diagnostic 47199, the diagnostic override code will need to be entered.

Warning! The diagnostic override code should only be used if no other electronic filing diagnostics are present in the return. Exporting the return with other disqualifying diagnostics will cause the return to get rejected.

To electronically file the return when this diagnostic is present, do the following:

  1. Go to the South Carolina Form SC1120, Page 3, Schedule D.
    • In Lines 1-14, verify all lines are completely filled out (except for Lines 10 & 11, unless they apply).
  2. Go to the General > Electronic Filing worksheet.
    • Select Section 1 - General.
      • In Line 22 - Diagnostic override code, enter fuschia16.
  3. Calculate the return.
  4. Export the return for electronic filing.
Note: After entering the diagnostic override code, the diagnostic will still produce in the return, however, when exporting for electronic filing, the return will show as qualified.

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