How do I access the CCH® SureTax® DataAPI Documentation?

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How do I access the CCH® SureTax® DataAPI Documenation?


  • Corporate Products
  • SureTax Communications
  • SureTax Energy
  • SureTax General Sales & Use


To access the CCH® SureTax® DataAPI Documentation:
  1. Verify that you have website access to the SureTax PROD (production) or SureTax CERT (certification / testing) environments.
    • SureTax PROD website:
    • SureTax CERT website:
      • Note:  If you are unable to login or do not have access to the above websites you will not be able to access the SureTax DataAPI; please check with someone within your organization that has ClientAdmin access to one of those environments in order to be added, or contact Support.
  2. Go to the corresponding website for the service that you are attempting to reach:
  • SureTax PROD DataAPI website (tied to SureTax PROD):
  • SureTax CERT DataAPI website (tied to SureTax CERT):
  1. Enter the Username and Password that is used to access your SureTax PROD or SureTax CERT accounts.
  2. Click Login.
  3. On the following page click the "Click Here" button to access the API Documentation.

Additional Information

Access to the CCH® SureTax® DataAPI Documentation is provided based on the environment (production or test) for which you are attempting to connect, although the overall method is the same;  login credentials for SureTax PROD and SureTax CERT will be the same for accessing the DataAPI documentation for the corresponding environment.
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