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TeamMate Analytics 7.2 – April 2020

The release of TeamMate Analytics 7.2 delivers the following new tools and enhancements. The following video shows an overview of what's new in TeamMate Analytics 7.2:

Import Wizard is easier to use with PDF files

There is no longer a need to set the PDF file type or character width – you can get straight into building your import template. Import Wizard will now automatically work out, by scanning your PDF file, how best to extract the text from that file.

Import Wizard checks for problems with your template

The new ‘Check for missed characters’ feature will prevent fields being accidentally cut off. It scans your whole data file for any characters that fall just outside of a field in your import template. It will show you these within your data, so you can adjust your template to avoid missing any important characters.

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Check for missed characters in Import Wizard

New Expert Analyzer workflows in Test Library

Taking full advantage of the flexibility of Expert Analyzer, an additional 40 tests in the test library can now be run automatically including Trial balance roll-forward (journal completeness). A further 17 have been updated to provide more valuable results and automate all analysis steps.

Updated Journals standard workflow

The standard Journals Expert Analyzer has been updated to add new tests for credits to cash accounts; manual entries; Benford’s testing; and end-of-year journals. Journals containing words and phrases test now include a list of keywords you can use, and riskiest journals are extracted for review.

Stratification with text columns

Data can now be split into groups using the values in up to 6 text columns, then sample from each of those groups separately. For example, you could split a customer list up by Country and City and select a sample of 5 customers from each Country/City combination.

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Text stratification and automatic sample allocation

Automatic sample allocation in stratification

As well as selecting an equal sample from each group, you can now allocate a sample (for example 30 items) across all groups based on the number of items or total value of items in that group. So larger groups will have more samples and smaller groups less. This is a popular sampling strategy which can now be performed easily in TeamMate Analytics with text, numeric or date columns.

Reducing clicks for creating a new Expert Analyzer workflow

 Create a new workflow straight from the Expert Analyzer ribbon menu, as well as via the workflow manager.

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Create new workflows straight from the ribbon


Helping to visualize data flows in Expert Analyzer

The new “Highlight new tables” button in the workflow designer makes understanding data flow between tables (created behind the scenes) easier.

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Visualize where new tables are created in Expert Analyzer

Enabling attributes sampling of small populations

Now, you are no longer restricted to populations of 5,000 or more transactions – attributes sampling now considers the population size to enable more efficient samples to be calculated for small datasets.

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Attributes sampling with small populations


NOTE: This version comes in the form of full installs only and will upgrade existing TeamMate Analytics installations.

TeamMate Support

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, contact TeamMate Support (same team as Engagement support) by creating a support case at https://support.cch.com/ticket/.

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