Product training registration for ATX™, CCH iFirm®, PaperlessPLUS™, Payroll Compliance Reporting, TaxWise®, and TaxWise® Online

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TaxWise Online
Payroll Compliance Reporting
Paperless PLUS

Welcome to CCH iFirm Client Portal
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Currently offered product training is listed below. The links provided will take you to the product training registration page for each specific session. Click the link of the session you would like to attend to register for a live session.

CCH iFirm Product Training Sessions: PaperlessPLUS Product Training Sessions: Payroll Compliance Reporting Product Training Sessions: Product training for TaxWise and TaxWise Online can be found in the TaxWise and TaxWise Online Learning Portals. 

The TaxWise, TaxWise Online, ATX, and Payroll Compliance Learning Portals provide a guided learning path designed to help you get the most out of your software. Video guides, practice resources, and online support will ensure a quick and successful start to your experience.

Use the links below to access the learning portals. You will need to log in with your account name, client ID, and your password. Once you have opened the registration page, complete the following steps to register for product training.
  1. Use the drop-down menu to select the date and time you would like to attend
  2. Enter your First and Last name, Email Address, and your Client ID Number (CID)
  3. Click Register at the bottom of the page to complete registration.
  • A confirmation notification will be sent to the email you provided

Contact Customer Education ( if you experience any issues registering or do not receive your confirmation email.

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