Receiving PDF Error when uploading a NYC 1120S return

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NYC S Corporation returns on the 2019.04020 release are seeing a "missing pfd" error when attempting to export. The following process should be followed as a workaround for this issue:

  1. Create a PDF of white paper statement for NYC-3L, Schedule B, Line 16b (Other Deductions) and name it 3LSCHBLN17BOTHDED.PDF.
  2. Add the PDF attachment to General > Electronic Filing > PDF Attachment – Optional > Attachment Name (Interview Form EF-PDF1, Box 141) must be named 3LSCHBLN17BOTHDED and ensure it is coded in the City field to NYC. The recommended FS, State and City information would be S coded for FS, XX coded for state and NYC coded for city to ensure it only goes to NYC.
  3. Remove detail input for NYC-3L, unless the input is needed for the NY state return. If needed for NY State then use the code box to specify “State”only, Schedule B, Line 16b on New York Income/Deductions, Start-Up Costs Information > Subtractions > Other Subtractions detail (Interview Form NY4, Other Subtractions detail).
  4. Add an override for the total amount removed in Step 3 above on New York City (NYC 3L (4S, 4SEZ)/NYC 3A) Income/Deductions > Subtractions > Other deductions – override (Interview Form NYC2, Box 44).
  5. Diagnostic 44077 will appear as a result of the changes made above and the diagnostic override code for the release can be used once all other diagnostics are cleared for the return by the following:  The release override code can be entered in Office Manager > Configure Tax Prep > Electronic Filing Options > 1120S/S Corporation > Reserved to impact all returns or General > Electronic Filing > General > Line 22 (Interview Form EF-1, Box 80) to impact returns separately within Tax and enter the override code of "cardinal8".

  The issue will be resolved on Release 2019-4.3 (2019.04030).


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