West Virginia SPF-100 page 1 line 4 does not select the Multistate Activity checkbox and SPF-100, page 2, Schedule A, line 10, does not calculate as zero in a 1065 return on CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax release 2019.04020 and CCH Axcess™ Tax release 2019-4.2.

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  • Return is calculated on release 2019.04020 and 2019-4.2.
  • SPF-100, Sch A, line 10 does not calculate 0% apportionment.
  • SPT-100 page 1 line 4 does not select MULTISTATE checkbox when zero apportionment is applicable.


CCH Axcess™ Tax    
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax
West Virginia




A fix is currently projected for 2019.05000.
  1. Go to West Virginia SPF-100, page 2 Schedule A.
  2. In Line 10 - West Virginia apportionment factor, activate government form override and input a zero.
  3. In Line 13 - West Virginia income, activate government form override and input a zero.
  4. Calculate the return.
  5. Scroll up to SPF-100 page 1.
  6. In Line 4 - Activity Description, activate government form override in checkbox Wholly WV Activity and Multistate Activity.
  7. In Checkbox Wholly WV Activity, de-select the checkbox.
  8. In Checkbox Multistate Activity, select the checkbox.
  9. Do not calculate.
  10. Print or eFile the West Virginia SPF-100 return.


  • Complete steps 5 through 10 when the state return is ready to file.

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