Upcoming 2-Step verification changes for November and December

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This article will go over changes to the 2-Step verification process that will be implemented in November and December releases.


CCH Axcess™ and CCH® ProSystem fx® Web Application


On the 2019-5.0 and 2020-1.0 releases the 2-Step verification process is going to changing for CCH Axcess™ and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax online logins. Here is an overview of these changes with some article links that can provide some more details.

What's New


  • 2-Step verification may be completed with the smartphone app Wolters Kluwer Authenticator or Google Authenticator..
    • Users with access to firm settings can enable or disable login options for the firm.


Please note that the following change is now scheduled to be introduced with the 2020.01 release in December

Why Are We Making These Changes to 2-Step Authentication

The simple answer is for security and added functionality.  The security of our software solutions and your data continues to drive even greater diligence around access to -- and within -- our applications. As a result we are changing the authentications process to meet your security needs for the future.  Also, with the use of the new Authenticator apps, if enabled, it will provide users a new way to authenticate that can potentially provide a better experience in the over all process of authentication.

So How Will This Look For Me


If the firm enables one of the Applicator Apps that comes out of the 2019-5.0 release,  then users can authenticate using that application. Here are the Applicator App options and articles on how to setup and use these options.


On the 2020-1.0 or 2020.01000 release when a user logs in to Axcess or ProSystem fx Web Application they will be prompted to complete 2-step verification by either email, text or phone. After the 2-step verification completes then all users will be prompted to enter a phone number. After a phone number is entered 2-Step verification will only have the options for text and phone message.

Still Have Some Questions

Here is a FAQ's for 2-Step verification changes. that can provide you with some answers to some of the questions you may have. 

Please feel free to Contact Us online if you have any other questions.

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