"Partial Failure" and "Cannot create temporary file" error when attempting to sync after a failed finalization in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager Version 2020.1.3 and 2020.2.1.

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Full Error Text
  • "CRITICAL ERROR: One or more binders in your Local File Room require your attention. The finalization process for the following binder(s) did not complete successfully. The binder(s) listed below cannot be deleted from the Local File Room until this problem is corrected. Please contact Technical Support for assistance before continuing work on these binders."
  • Pressing Retry will continue to generate the error.
  • Clicking ok results in the binder generating a "Partially Failed" message when attempting to sync the binder
  • May receive error "Error Number -2146233088 Error Description: Cannot create temporary file" instead of Critical Error message
  • Binder appears in CFR with finalized icon and red exclamation point. Finalization process will not complete from local file room.
Error Number -2146233088
Error Description Failed to zip file. Files: C:\Pfx Engagement\WM\WorkPapers\{GUID}\{GUID}\{GUID}.xlsx ZipFile: C:\Pfx Engagement\WM\WorkPapers\{GUID}\{GUID}\SyncBAK\ZipTemp\{GUID}.xlsx.szp Error(xerCreateTempFile): Cannot create temporary file


CCH ProSystem fx Engagement or Workpaper Manager
  • Version 2020.1.3 and 2020.2.1




This is an issue specific to the 2020.1.3 and the 2020.2.1 release. 
  • NOTE: Do not apply this patch or dll to any prior or later version of Engagement or Workpaper Manager than versions 2020.1.3 and 2020.2.1. The patched file is not intended for any other versions than those specifically listed in this article title.
We have created a patch installer to place a new dll file on the workstations and servers for both versions 2020.1.3 and the 2020.2.1 version of  CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager. This new dll will help avoid the issue in new finalization attempts. Please download and run this patch installer on all CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager workstations and servers in any order.
  • CommonLibrary_Update.exe
  • NOTE: If the link above does not start the download please try the link in the attachments section to the right.
  • NOTE: If the patch is deployed then a subsequent repair OR uninstall/reinstall install of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager occurs the patch will need to be run again.
To fix any binders that encountered this issue prior to the above patch see below (we recommend that the patch is applied first on the machine before doing the fix below):
  1. Click Tools > Restore Binder.
  2. Navigate to ?:\Pfx Engagement\WM\Failed Finalization Backups folder
  3. Select the backup file for the binder in question.
  4. Restore the binder.
  5. Verify the contents of the restored backup.
  6. Delete the Central File Room copy of the binder.
  7. Synchronize the binder.
If the above process does not get the binder Finalized and synchronized to the Central Fileroom as expected, please call into support or start a new case online for further assistance.

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