The message: "Your session will expire in 5 minute(s) due to inactivity" is being displayed even though there is an active clock in CCH® Axcess™ Practice.

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Even though a clock is running, users are receiving the message that they need to click ok to extend their session.


CCH Axcess™ Practice



This message is being displayed, though the software does not time out. Once you are ready to return to CCH Axcess, you can click ok and you will find that you are still logged in. This erroneous message is currently planned to be addressed on the 2020-2.1 release scheduled for the end of January. If this erroneous message needs to be fixed before that release, please find attached to this article a client side patch.  Once the patch has been downloaded and applied to the appropriate folder, the session expiration message will not come up when there is an active clock running.


  1. Close all CCH Axcess applications.
  2. Download attached file.
  3. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\WK\ProSystem fx Suite\Smart Client\SaaS and rename Infrastructure.Module.dll to prevent the original file from being overwritten.  For example, OLDInfrastructure.Module.dll.
  4. Copy the new, downloaded Infrastructure.Module.dll to the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\WK\ProSystem fx Suite\Smart Client\SaaS.
  5. Log back into CCH Axcess Practice and run clocks as needed.

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