Your Professional Team location in CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration

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Where is the section called Your Professional Team pulling information from in Client Collaboration?
How do I change what is in the Your Professional Team area in Client Collaboration area?


CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration
CCH Axcess™


The section titled Your Professional Team that the end user sees is pulled from the Firm's Name and the Office Address and Phone, that the client is assigned to.

If the Office the client is assigned to needs to be changed, that is under the Client Profile Information on the General tab.

If the information is incorrect or incorrectly formatted for what is displayed, that is changed by going to:
  1. Application Links - Firm - Settings And Defaults
  2. Click on Organizational Units
  3. Click on the Offices tab
  4. Double Click ok the Office that needs edited.
Hints for formatting the phone number:
  • All Types Except Fax you will type the number in without using any separator characters like () or -. The system will do the formatting.
  • All Fax types must have formatting put in using () and -
Hints for Address formatting:
  • Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 are run together when displayed in Client Collaboration, with no separator. 
  • Address Line 3 does not display in Client Collaboration
*Note that Office information that is changed, could take a few hours to replicate and show the new information in Client Collaboration.


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