CCH Axcess™ Workflow API Overview

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Learn about API in CCH Axcess Workflow.


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API Overview

CCH Axcess Workflow provides a diverse set of REST APIs for organizations that use Workflow. This set of APIs is termed XCMAPI. The APIs help to import information into, and export information out of, Workflow.

How APIs are Used

APIs can be used to add or update Client, Firm, Task, and User information in the workflow. Currently available APIs are grouped into five categories. The APIs under each category and a brief description are detailed in the table at the end of this article.

Organizations that Would Benefit from API

API helps organizations connect Workflow with other programs that leverage client, entity, task, employee, scheduling, or time information. This helps users better scale their businesses by providing more detailed data to better assess company and individual performance, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies.  This  allows users to easily compare data across management systems for a more holistic view of project statuses and business progress.
Organizations that (1) have their own development teams and (2) have a sophisticated set of applications are ideal candidates for API.  


A valid login and API key are required to authenticate an API user. These credentials will be provided by the Workflow Integration team. Subsequent calls would use the API key and the token that are returned from the authentication call.

API Types

here are two primary types of APIs: POST and GET. 
  • POST APIs enable information to be updated (or searched) within Workflow.
  • GET APIs enable information to be retrieved from Workflow
Data in either case can be information that is maintained within other applications or databases.

API Export and Import

API can only retrieve and update information within Workflow. It cannot pull (retrieve) or update (push) information to other applications. Such pull and push operations require the APIs of the respective applications.

For more information on API

Contact your Account Manager or your Customer Service Representative/Consultant for more information.

List of APIs by Category

CountAPI FunctionAPI DescriptionMethod
Category: Auth
1UserAPI that provides the authentication token that will be used by all the other APIs to authenticate the API callPOST
Category: Client
2CreateAPI to create ClientPost
3UpdateAPI to update Client DetailsPOST
4Bulk UpdateAPI to update a large number of Client records at oncePOST
5SearchAPI to search for Client with Basic Parameters (First Name, Last Name, Account Number, Type, Email)POST
6AdvanceAPI to do an Advanced Search for Client with option to create combination search filtersPOST
7ClientAPI to get Client Details using Client Internal IDGET
Category: Firm
8FirmPI to get firm details—firm identity is determined from API keyGET
9BranchAPI to get firm branch details—firm identity is determined from API keyGET
10CategoryAPI to get firm CategoryGET
11Generation TypesAPI to get firm Client Generation TypesGET
12Task TypeAPI to get firm specific Task TypesGET
13RolesAPI to fetch firm RolesGET
14Client TypeAPI to get firm Client TypesGET
Category: Task
15CreateAPI to Create TaskPOST
16UpdateAPI to Update TaskPOST
17Deliverable/CreateAPI to Add Deliverable for existing TaskPOST
18Document/LinkAPI to link document for existing TaskPOST
19Budget Time/ UpdateAPI to update the budgeted time for an  existing Task  POST  
20 Actual Time/Update API to do update the actual time for an existing Task POST  
21 Search  API to search for a Task with basic Client and Task information    POST
22Search/Advanced  API to perform and advanced search on a Task with multiple filters and combinations POST 
23 Task  API to fetch Task details using the Internal Task ID GET  
24 Task/Status List  API to  fetch status details on Task  movement GET
25   Task/Checklist API to fetch checklist details for a particular Task using the Internal Task ID from Task checklist  GET  
26 Task/ Issue Points  API to fetch issues and points for a particular Task using the Internal Task ID GET
27 Task/Deliverables  API to fetch Task deliverables for a particular Task using the Internal Task ID GET
28 Task/Assembly API to fetch Task assembly details for a particular Task using the Internal Task ID  GET  
29Task/Shipping  API to fetch Task shipping details for a particular Task using the Internal Task IDGET  
30Task/Document Link  API to fetch a list of linked documents GET  
Category: User 
31Create API to create userPOST
32UpdateAPI to update user detailsPOST
33User/ User Internal IDAPI to get user details using internal user idGET
34SearchAPI to search for users using basic search parametersPOST
35AdvancedAPI to perform advanced search for users using filters and combinations of filtersPOST
36User By EmailAPI to get user details using email id of userGET

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